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hi everyone..i've just joined here and don't know where i can write my feelings about him.I'm not a fan of any actor or singer etc...but except him..when i saw him first in the movie ''pearl harbor'' about years ago,i've become a fan of him !!! and i watched it many times because of him.i hope,he follows this site..his eyes and smile are enough to love him !!! and again i hope,i'll have chance to see him one day :) love from Turkey...


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Glad to have you on the site GokchE, and anything you want to say about Josh please feel free to share with us here on Absolute Josh Hartnett! We can never get too much JHart!

Ok,how you doing and thanks for your response,
Am looking for a well responsible girlthat i can use the rest of my life with and i use to travel alot and am online now on yahoo instant messenger if you want to talk to me or add me on the lis to..sokkylog(at) yahoo dot com,am online now
im not really sure but that happend to me to! the very first movie i watched with him in it was pearl harbor, and i was like who is that???? hes so sexy, ive been obsessed ever since!!!!!!!!
i think that lots of fans have the same dream.. and we can't reach it..please god make him know us and see our love.. I wanna just touch him and look at his eyes!!!..
My dream...? Meet him, make a talk, have the possibility to look his beautiful eyes and his pretty smile...A DREAM!!!
hi there! it's nice to see that i'm not the only one who feels this way..i thought i am crazy but now i see it's something special about josh that makes us fall in love with him.. hope he knows he's so loved and i hope he's very very happy because he deserves it!!! love you:X


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