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Hey sorry im only new to this site so i have no idea what i'm doing
but i thought i would ask anyone on here if they have acutally met Josh before?
if so, whats he like?

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yeah yeah~~!lol

Katie welcome to Absolute Josh Hartnett.

I saw Josh up close and personal at the Bunraku premiere here in Toronto, but was too shy to speak to him! He's oh so handsome! totally beautiful up close!. You should read the post by Mary Michie - she actually met him later the evening after the premiere ....... http://www.joshhartnett.com/profiles/blogs/bunraku-and-my-late-night

thanks for that

wow Mary is so lucky

i wish i could meet him!

I have never met Josh and I have been running this site for over 10 years. Darn! And he is so sexy!

haha i would give anything to meet him or atleast see him in person!!


Eric Bana lives here in Australia

and his always at the aussie rules footy games (so am i)

so if i see him im going to ask him all about Josh from when he worked with him in black hawk down:)


This is me dream... Really... But, just dream(((((((((


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