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Hey there!

The Absolute Josh Hartnett unofficial fan site crashed some years ago and it was a huge bummer. We had a great site and it was just incredible with over 90,000 registered users.

We still have all the old email accounts working with everyone.net but because the site went down and we had nobody to really put it back together, it sat and sat (so dead) for a long time.

I am really sorry to those of you who were active on the site and when I heard about ning.com social networking communities, it was a huge score, so please join us again and start the community back up!

It would be great to have you register, upload your favorite personal videos, photos, make a profile, start a discussion and make this the best Josh community on the planet again.

We used to be ranked #1 on Google so let's get there once more!

I miss talking to everyone and I will link back the Josh Mail shortly.

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