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Black Mirror: 10 Actors Confirmed To Appear In Season 6

Black Mirror has been riveting audiences since 2011, and its sixth season is on the way. Some members of the cast have already been revealed.

Published 3 days ago

The summer of 2022 had some great science fiction films like Nope and Prey. With sci-fi having a strong year, it is fun to look ahead to a new season of one of the biggest sci-fi series of recent years . Black Mirror season 6 is on the way soon, but there has been no announced release date. The cast, however, has been revealed.

All of these future cast members of Black Mirror were revealed to the public by Variety in July 2022. The cast features very popular actors and some up-and-coming ones as well. This season should be a treat for any sci-fi fan to watch.

Read more: https://screenrant.com/black-mirror-season-6-confirmed-actors/

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