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I went to Romania to visit the set of Bunraku (TBD 2010) a while back. It was a fun trip and all the people working on the movie were really cool… that said, I have no idea what it’s going to look like. It’s a highly stylized revenge tale. Think Sin City crossed with a Stephen Chow film crossed with a Sergio Leone movie and you’re close, I think. There’s American western imagery, Hong Kong action and a bizarre, but cool cast assembled. Josh Hartnett is the revenge-hungry drifter, Ron Perlman is the mountain man-ish heavy, Kevin McKidd is the assassin in a suit, Woody Harrelson is the bartender, Demi Moore and Japanese musician turned actor Gackt Camui. With all the different influences Bunraku could be the equivalent of mashing all your vegetables in with your meat and potatoes or it could be the next great thing that is imitated for a decade. Either way I’m interested.

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