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Josh Hartnett encourages ‘BUNRAKU’ director Guy Moshe to keep experimenting

The Inter-Continental Hotel's patio stayed packed with camera crews and the indoor bar area became even more crowded with assorted actors, filmmakers and journalists conducting interviews throughout the day. Meanwhile various handlers tried to maintain order out of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) chaos. On a sofa adjacent to large windows that invite enthusiastic passersby, actor Josh Hartnett (above, left) leaned back with Guy Moche, the director of his eye-popping martial arts adventure “BUNRAKU.” They confessed to being tired after staying up late to take questions from the enthusiastic audience at the film’s midnight premiere.

Moshe worked for years to get “BUNRAKU” made; an elaborate fantasy inspired by the ancient Japanese puppetry art known as Bunraku set in a strange world that’s equal parts Wild West and Dr. Seuss. The Israeli director agreed that having Hartnett on-board helped make the film a reality. He also admitted that these are tough times to be making unique independent films like “BUNRAKU” and expressed an overwhelming sense of defeat when looking ahead to his next project.

Hartnett, who has the clout of some successful studio films behind him to help support his independent interests, quickly chimed in and corrected Moshe.

"Sure, these are tough times for independent films like “BUNRAKU” but there are people working to get these films made and it’s exciting to see what’s next,” Hartnett told his downtrodden director.

"Stay optimistic,” Hartnett continued to tell Moshe. “Keep doing what you’re doing. I believe it will all work out.”

Moshe smiled at Hartnett’s encouraging words and quickly reversed his stance. He even began talking enthusiastically about the script for his next film; another one with a major role for Hartnett.

Until then, "BUNRAKU" remained available for pick-up by a distributor.

source: Movie Jungle

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