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Founded in 2004 by Oliver Hotz, Origami Digital is a visual effects facility which offers advanced motion-capture capabilities and exceptionally fast turnarounds, providing filmakers with the time and space to explore their creative ideas.

Origami Digital has announced on February 25th, 2010 that it has completed work on Bunraku. The visual effects company has been responsible for over 1000 VFX shots, amounting to roughly 75 minutes of Bunraku running time. Oliver Hotz also functioned as Bunraku visual effects supervisor.

In a May 2010 article, Oliver Hotz explained that "Origami Digital's flat hierarchy allows them to complete a lot of work in a short time. The primary benefit for filmakers is the freedom it gives them to explore creative ideas. Origami Digital can offer this because of its fast turnaround. This allows for a highly collaborative relationship with film directors”.

The collaborative approach was very much in evidence recently with Guy Moshe, the director of Bunraku – a CG-heavy film slated for release later this year. “Guy [Moshe] spent a lot of time here as we refined the look of the film with him and tried out ideas for different shots,” said Oliver Hotz. “Interacting with Guy like this is one of the most satisfying aspects of our work for me personally.”

[Source : CreativeCow]

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