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According to producer Keith Calder, Bunraku is currently being temp dubbed at Universal studios. The ‘Temp Dub’, a temporary mock-up of a film's soundtrack, is assembled from pre-existing music prior to the real, commissioned score being composed. An integral element of the post-production process of American feature films, it survives only in its role for audience previews. Constructed by a music editor, in most cases, it is a blueprint of a film's soundtrack – a musical topography of score, songs, culture and codes in which a balance must obtain between the director's vision, the music's function, underlying requirements of genre, and the spectator's perception.
Source : Keithcalder twitter
For further information about Temp Dubbing, view HERE

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Comment by Olivier on June 24, 2010 at 4:43am
From Twitter ...
Keith Calder : Temp dubbing BUNRAKU on a giant stage at Universal! And yes that is the internet's favorite fight choreographer Larnell Stovall you can peak on screen.
Todd Brown (from Twitch Film) : Stop teasing and show us something not temporary!
Keith Calder : I'd love to show something not temporary! Not too far away now…
Comment by Olivier on June 24, 2010 at 1:15am
If they are doing the temp dub it means we can expect a first teaser/preview at any time....
Comment by Camino on June 23, 2010 at 8:59pm
Awesome news! Hopefully it will be completed soon & hit the big screens!!!
Comment by Annie on June 23, 2010 at 8:34pm
I can't wait to see this!

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