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Chicken Casserole and JHart.........

So I was talking to my sister the other day and she mentioned Josh’s recent trip to the Hospital. Of course I let her know right away that he was fine and healthy once again for which I was very glad. Then she said something that surprised me, well made me pause….. She said and I quote “I thought you liked him months ago? Do you still like him?”

That gave me pause, because she was right. I usually like celebrities in passing. I like action movies so i've liked Vin diesel, Jason Statham, Paul Bettany, Hugh Jackman, Jet Li; you get the picture, but not enough to go on a website or join to follow their lives. How creepy is that! Tee hee hee......, but here I sit after many months, still interested in JHart! I’ve even got my own special name for him, I'm a member of Absolute Josh Hartnett and am quite interested in what he’s up to. So now I’m trying to figure out why. And why Josh Hartnett!!??

My favorite things to do are cooking, and reading. So as I’m reading over some of my recipes, doing some tweaking and testing new combinations, it hits me (because I'm still thinking about it). I know what it is I like about Josh, and why he of all the celebrities have broken through my short term attention span to linger on and become “an interest” in my everyday world.

It’s the layers! Josh's layers. And I believe that there are many. I personally find him comforting, and believable, strange words to use but those are the words I actually mean. He comes across as a strong personality, with that take charge attitude I admire in people. But at the same time, I feel there’d be a soft side, for the people and things that matter. All in all I like him.

He reminds me of my favorite French Chicken Recipe. Its simple yet there is nothing more comforting than this well flavored chicken casserole, the braised meat succulent in its aromatic juices, the crisp, golden skin glinting out from a delicious mixture of softened vegetables…..its all in the layers. I can add to a layer, or change a layer slightly and it’s the same chicken, still as comforting, but never dull.

And so far Josh Hartnett has not been dull to me!


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Comment by Reiza Hartnett on April 26, 2009 at 4:24am
so you comparing josh to a food, hahahaha...one thing I know that made me compare josh with food, they're both delicious, hehehe...

but you know, I was kinda like you...I mean I never really interested in an actor before. of course I've seen a lot of movies,but none of it made me open up the internet to find out anything about the actor...I never saved single picture of an actor! until I knew Josh from Wicker Park (I Knooooow, I'm so left behind, haha...) and next thing I know, I searched his picture and story on the internet, and I even became a member of Absolute Josh Hartnett!!!! He's the first actor I'm crazy about, and you know, I'm just watched the movie I found at home (my dad usually bought them), but somehow, because of Josh, I'd go to the video store searching for more Josh's movies, another thing i never do before!!!

so i guess you were right, simple yet comfortable, he's never dull....
love for Josh...

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