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Although the involvement of Josh Hartnett in Dancehall is not confirmed, here a presentation of the perennial bestselling novel of the same name on which the film is based. Dancehall's producer Ed Graham revealed that the film will be very true to the novel.

Author Bernard F. Conners has had a distinguished career in government (former FBI agent), business, publishing (former publisher of The Paris Review), and film production. Long before the execution of Timothy McVeigh, he developed reservations about capital punishment. Conners, who was involved with major criminal and espionage matters in the FBI, including the infamous Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case, voices those reservations in his bestseller Dancehall. The 1982 novel examines the legitimacy of capital punishment from an insider's perspective. "All civilized societies will eventually repudiate capital punishment," says Conners. "It is not only barbaric, it has no remedial value whatever."

Find out more : Dancehall the novel.pdf”

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