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In an exclusive 2011 interview for the movie site Shadowlocked, actor Neil Brown Jr. revealed that Josh Hartnett's horror project, Dark Star Hollow, is still in negotiations, Brown does not exactly know about the funding of the film. He signed on for the picture a few years ago and originally it was going into production and then it did not. Brown concluded Dark Star Hollow is one of those films that are up in the air.

Dark Star Hollow is a screen adaptation of the novel by Matthew J. Fougerousse. Synopsis: September 15, 1965. Thunder rumbled softly above the quiet little town of Bright Star, which lay nestled in the valley of the great Tennessee mountains. When the storm came, it destroyed the dam of Bright Star but it was no accident. Six-hundred and fifty-three people lost their lives in the horrible flood. That was no accident. Thirteen people survived. That was an accident. For forty years, the town of Bright Star lay hidden underneath the murky waters of Lake Natas. An unspeakable evil stood guard over the town from the hills above. Waiting. David Sinclair has been given a second chance to finish what he started forty years ago. David Sinclair has returned from Hell. And he is not about to go back. He has a job to do. You are his job.



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¡Muy bueno Olivier! gracias
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Thanks for the update.

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