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Dree Hemingway & Josh Hartnett by Bruce Weber

Photos of the campaign Spring - Summer 2016 mansion built in the vicinity of the photographer Bruce Weber in Montauk on Long Island.

Modern casual is firmly rooted in the philosophy of Marc O'Polo. We work with the best to communicate a clear and credible brand mission. Credible ambassadors also implement these concepts into practice.

Marc O'Polo Spring - Summer 2016

Marc O'Polo Spring - Summer 2016

N o one so he can not move the true nature of models in the movie, just as masterfully makes it unrivaled Bruce Weber. Photographer promises that regardless of the progress that had gone in digital photography, he uses only negative traditional. The aesthetics of his work is natural and it was merged it with the brand Marc O'Polo. This is a very specific kind of cooperation.

The campaign is a combination of love for photography and a passion for materials.

  1. Along with the photos, almost iconic in nature and similarity to the certificate brands, the range of Marc O'Polo for the season Spring - Summer 2016 is presented as a simple, informal, but extremely sophisticated. This is an insight into the world of Marc O'Polo, which together with ambassadors, brand effectively divides. That is why the magazine founded The Diary dedicated to Bruce Weber.

When working with Bruce Weber, we were surrounded by his friends, acquaintances and neighbors.

The campaign captured the charisma of the protagonists, who agreed that the collection Spring - Summer 2016 will be promoted, as two parallel lines: Natural High for women and Natural Explorer for men.

Marc O'Polo Spring - Summer 2016 photo. Bruce Weber

Weekend Escape, or creative retreat hidden on the eastern tip of the island, grabbed Josh Hartnett, Dree Hemingway and the team of Marc O'Polo. You could not have wished for a better place for a photo shoot.

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