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exclusive: Penny Dreadful Video: Behind the Scenes in the Wild West… Er, Spain

Since Season 3 of Penny Dreadful was to follow wolfman Ethan (Josh Hartnett) home to the States and across the New Mexico territory, series creator John Logan set out to recreate “the authenticity of the West”… by taking the production to Spain, he reveals in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video.

Turns out, the city of Almería on the Mediterranean Sea is, as Logan puts it, an “amazingly convincing” stand-in for the Wild West. And what little the show wasn’t able to accomplish just by filming the scenic vistas and repurposing structures left over from the spaghetti Westerns that shot in the city, it managed to pull off by bringing in enormous fake rocks.

Mind you, the clip is more than merely a making-of mini-doc. It also features Hartnett analyzing Season 3’s separation of its main protagonists in vastly different locales. (Only Eva Green’s Vanessa and Harry Treadaway’s Victor are currently in London.) “Splitting the group into multiple factions,” the actor suggests, “has made the show simultaneously more intimate and has opened it up.”


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Ethan and Hecate's trek across the west was actually filmed in the gorgeous landscapes of #Spain#EthanChandler #JoshHartnett #Hecate #SarahGreene #WolfOfGod #Almeria #PennyDreadful #OnLocation 


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