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Fangs a Lot: Penny Dreadful Werewolf Josh Hartnett Talks Sex, Romance, and Full Moons

Penny Dreadful Josh Hartnett

The Victorian-era horror saga Penny Dreadful ended with a megashock last season when it was revealed that Wild West sharpshooter Ethan Chandler—played by Josh Hartnett—can sprout fur and killer fangs. Yep, he's an American werewolf in London! Season 2 of the Showtime series kicks off Sunday, May 3 (10/9c) and Hartnett gave us a preview of the howling good time to come.

How was it keeping Ethan's werewolf identity under wraps?
Terrible! I am so grateful I don't have to hide anymore. My friends would watch Penny Dreadful and go, "So what's Ethan's big secret? Everyone on the show has one." The more I tried to skirt the subject, the more people tried to guess and, some of them were right. We even had to keep it a secret at the set. On the actor call sheet, the werewolf's name was Brian.

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