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GQ ITALIA EDITORIAL josh hartnett january 2017

S or u n master
th e photo g raffia
co m and DAVID BAILE Y
p oteva nvi co n ce king
l 'at e r p ver backwards
d H or lly wo o d
re n u n u n t from
p ez zo d she p ro p ria
p rivacy: ritrat to
i nti m o r JOSH
Hartnett T,
free spirit.

nett. In this age of the Puritan and vegetable juices
competing health-conscious, how many superstars in Hollywood
interview would begin at 11 am with
an alcoholic drink? A drink after breakfast
It seems plausible having just found shelter from
Rain London to Flask, an old pub in Hampstead
He frequented by intellectuals. Eventually, though, we decide
to have coffee: it is still a bit 'early to alcohol.
It is a rare privilege to interview this thirty-eight
which for years it adheres to the utmost discretion in
media relations. It just aired last
season Penny Dreadful, tv serial epic of which Sam
Mendes is the executive director. However it is not in London
to do promotion: there lives with his girlfriend, actress
Tamsin Egerton, and their daughter was born recently. IS
It is not even here to talk about this, being one
staunch defender of his privacy. My guess is
that the opportunity to be photographed by David Bailey
GQ was too tempting to be refused. "I'm
happy to have been able to spend time with a
artist of his stature, "says Hartnett. "I worked
with so many great photographers, but Bailey is inspired
character in Blow-Up (historical films of Antonioni
1966, editor's note), and Blow-Up Inspired Austin Powers!
It was exciting to know a character that has
had such a great influence on the beginnings of my
career. And I discovered that it is also very affectionate. "
Among the notable films in which he participated Hart nett
I remember Lucky Number Slevin, Black Hawk Down and
Black Dahlia. But no less interesting of his roles
the cinema is the trajectory that has followed in life: Josh
He is a man who has written for itself its own script, and to
damn the consequences. His story begins in Saint
Paul, Minnesota, where it is grown up with a brother
"Drink a glass?". Maximum respect for Josh Harte
a sister, by the father Daniel, who gives up a career

parts, is almost unbearable. Why people develop
a certain hardness and tends to individualism: it is little
inclined to follow the herd, "he says. As a child makes
altar boy and play football, then working at a video store.
An injury, however, led him to try his hand
with a theater company of young, plays
Huckleberry Finn and a taste test. In '96, arrived
recently in New York to attend college, it is
He approached by a manager that promises an audition.
Josh thinks back to the films he loved when he was working at
video rental. At 18 he moved to Los Angeles and get
part of a series that is called Cracker.
The series does not take off, but he takes flight. "Hard
only six months, but in the end I found myself with a contract
for six films. When I still had not finished The Faculty,
I was asked to work in the garden of the virgins
suicide, and from there I have not stopped. So much it happened in
quickly that it seemed to have no choice,
if it was not, "he continues. Only in July 2001
he realized what was happening, when
Vanity Fair put him on the cover with this caption:
"Admit it: two weeks ago you did not have
never heard of Josh Hartnett. What difference
It can make an expensive summer blockbuster. " published
coinciding with the release of commercialissimo
Pearl Harbor, the item appeared as Hartnett
a built actor, a pawn manipulated by the powers
Hollywood. "It was very frustrating to read
that judgment. He was not interested to become, again
young, a movie star, but in the movie,
like everyone else, I had worked hard. I was
learning the trade, and I thought I already improved,
I felt more confident of my ability. "
After a further blockbuster Black Hawk Down,
musician to look after children. "The winter, from those
Josh began to feel a deep dissatisfaction

"H or the ancestor rato co n ta nts
g ra n d i g pictures Rafi,
isp is the rato i l p e rs o n a g g i o
d B U LOW-P, and B LOW-U P
isp has the rato

"I realized immediately exaggerated interest of the media for in my personal life. I needed a place to
retire, and I did not have. So I decided to give me time
and space to reconnect with the people you
I loved him and better understand myself, instead of staying
always around with people who wanted something from my
career". When Hartnett came down from the carousel her
agents were not happy. He, however, did not affect.
He returned to Minnesota to rediscover their
roots, then moved to New York. He began to paint,
tried photography, only accepted parts which seemed
interesting, coming to reject Superman. "I was
He is experimenting with a young artist living and I enjoyed
really. In addition also I was an actor, when I felt
that it was worth it. " Even today it is very selective in
roles to play. Now is particularly excited
two upcoming films. The first, Valley of the Gods, the
he committed opposite John Malkovich, with
directed by Lech Majewski: "He does not write screenplays,
in practice it draws storyboard, comic novels. " The other
is The Last Draw of Jack of Hearts, directed by Guy
Moshe: a spy thriller and revenge set
in Naples. Hartnett is excited to pass a
bit 'of time in Italy, "Been there a few times
for the Venice Film Festival, and then on vacation, but so far
I had never had the pleasure of working on it. "
The pub came the first real drinkers of the day.
We have almost finished. Before leaving, ask
Josh how fatherhood has affected
his philosophy of life. "In my life I have been to
Long focused on myself, committed to expressing
the best of my creative abilities. Now, instead, the
outside world seems to me much more fascinating. Before
of all, I want to be a happy person for the good of
my daughter. And then, when you become parents, you do not
More so long to fuck and think to themselves. "


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