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Hi everyone. I have been super duper busy these days and thank you to Annie for helping make everything "happen" while I have been distracted with work. I recently visited my friend Kathy Ireland at the signing of her new book and I have been working on company projects as well...keeping busy. The US economy continues to be a dud and I'm just racking up the bills here, not a good time for being in business! I hope you are not in the same predicament. But the goods news is that I have my health and I am doing well. We spend a lot of money and time building and managing this site in terms of just sheer costs...I have been footing the bill myself for years but I would really appreciate some donations to help keep the site as solid as possible. We use Ning for our platform but I have to pay a monthly premium service charge to them for the site.

Would you please send me any amount of donation if you can afford it to borntodeal@gmail.com. I you have found the site to be useful and fun, I would appreciate it. I accept PayPal. If you prefer, you can mail a donation by US Post to:

Christopher Spencer
Absolute Josh Hartnett
1130 North Lima Street
Burbank, CA 91505

I also want to remind the folks here that porn and nude photos are not tolerated. Anyone getting too racy will even be deleted and banned. I do not want to see people with shirts off. This is a site that encourages all ages including younger people and if I catch users being weird or doing stupid s*hit then I'll have to knock your butt off of here. Be respectful and kind!!!

We love you so much for being here. I cannot believe this site got 66,493 Pageviews in the past month. Holy cow.

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Comment by samuel garcia on July 20, 2009 at 11:16pm
who cares if ur busy dude! get a life!

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