HDDRU301A_07 Josh Hartnett as Clark GableComedy CentralJosh Hartnett as Clark Gable for the upcoming "Miami" episode of "Drunk History."

3. No one likes to drink alone.
"I share a drink with them to get them comfortable," the director said.

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4. Everyone has their limit.
"There’s several stages of drunk," he explained. "and you have to make sure you’re not on the last one."

HDDRU301A_28 Maya Rudolph as Griselda BlancoComedy CentralMaya Rudolph as Griselda Blanco for an upcoming "Miami" episode of "Drunk History."

5. There's always another job for lightweights.
"I don’t want people to get sick," Waters said. "I don’t want people to fall. I also don’t want them to tell a regular story. They have to be a little slurred and a little messed up or we should just watch the history channel. So, no one is drinking for the first time. But if someone is like, ‘Yeah, I don’t drink that much, but I love the show.’ Then, ok, maybe they can be in the reenactment."

So, yes, the show can be more complicated than it looks on TV. And as it embarks on its third season, there's some proof that people are taking notice of the hard work. This year, it earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series.

"It feels like this little thing I did for fun, but the more I grew with it, the more I wanted to say I have a chance to say something right now," Waters said of the nom. "What do I want to say? Maybe, I can tell stories that teach people stuff. So, to have the Academy recognize that it's not just a comedy show, it's something new and different, I just take it as a really sweet compliment."

The third season of "Drunk History" debuts Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.