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birthday is the most important event ever happen to a person, specially those person who are so close to us, so to josh hartnett happy birthday! may you have fruitful years to come, more success in life!!!

I believe that in this world, the thing that binds us is no other than LOVE..
in a relationship there should be love to strengthened the foundation of the relationships..
and in a relationship there should be a give and take process as a sign of respect,,,

my other wish for you josh is for you to find the perfect partner God has prepared for you!!!
take care always...
I know we are so important to you,,all we asked from you is to take good care of your self...
because you really mean to us, you're so important to all of us....you matter to us.....
take care and happy birthday to you...Mr. sexy cancer!

ps: i posted a video for you,,its actually a birthday presentation exclusively for you...
: josh hartnett; birthday presentation

From a loyal fan all the way here in the Philippines

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