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Josh Hartnett: "People do not understand that we are turning our back on celebrity"

Josh Hartnett had disappeared from the radar. But remember our good memories in "Oh Lucy! From Atsuko Hirayanagi. 

In the last century, Josh Hartnett was Robert Pattinson . Before Pattinson.Or the next DiCaprio. After DiCaprio. In short, "the next big thing". That was before the advent of the Kardashianand social networks. In a few years, he continues the roles of handsome kid in movies for teenagers ("Halloween, 20 years later, he comes back", "The Faculty"), overshadows Ben Affleck white marcel very fit in "Pearl Harbor "and dresses in Ridley Scott's" Fall of the Black Falcon ". But it is Sofia Coppola who raises him to the rank of icon by offering him the role of Trip Fontaine, in "Virgin Suicides". In 2006, he was a detective at De Palma ("The Black Dahlia"), the time to establish his reputation as neo-Brad Pitt. Then nothing. Josh Hartnett accumulates titles that nobody will see anymore. And refuse all superhero blockbusters - from Superman to Batman.

I am more open today to what I refused yesterday because having children changes priorities

Strategy to review? Not if we believe him, found nearly ten years and two babies later on the poster of a first independent film very singular. " I have no regrets. I was offered everything and refused many projects, but I had the career I wanted. Most people do not understand that we can turn our back on celebrity, but at that time I was constantly being offered the same thing. I preferred to venture on unfamiliar terrain. As is the case with Atsuko Hirayanagi's film, partly shot in Japan. In "Oh Lucy! "Josh plays an English teacher lost in the Tokyo capital, seducer on the return of Japanese lolitas, a pathetic nothing, but who can still afford to laugh. Because the former idol, the air of nothing, is still there and does not stop.

His eyes were honed while, high school student, he makes pocket money in a local video store. And discover marveled that there is a world apart from the blockbusters that he is used to plaster in his native Minnesota. The foreign cinema, the new wave, Louis Malle ... From there, the worm is in the apple: Josh Hartnett will be a director one day, even if to make some detours via Babylon. For a year and a half, Hartnett, 39, has sold a script to DreamWorks ("but it was never shot!") And wrote a second script that he hopes to be able to make himself by the end of year. In the meantime, he continues to play for promising young filmmakers. Even though fatherhood has somewhat eroded his purism. "I am more open today to what I refused yesterday because having children changes priorities. When I shoot in a movie like "Oh Lucy!", I get paid at the union rate. I do it for the beauty of the project, but it is very hard to make a living by chaining independent films; it would be necessary to work non-stop. Now, I perceive now how precious time is. I have to learn to be smarter and more nuanced in the approach of my career. When was Josh Hartnett in Venom Superhero Pantyhose? 

"Oh Lucy! ", Currently in the room.


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