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Josh Hartnett Reveals How He Met Kid Cudi, Story Behind Directing “Pursuit Of Happiness” Video, Why He Chose “Penny Dreadful” Role Over Others & How He Was Discovered

Josh Hartnett is a Midwestern powerhouse with one impressive resume, the St. Paul native joined Sway In The Morning recently to discuss his love of hip-hop, linking with Kid Cudi, role in “Penny Dreadful” and explains his come up.

Being from Minnesota, Hartnett reveals that after playing hockey as a kid and graduating high school he packed all his things and shipped off to the big apple. Being discovered from a play he was in, Hartnett was cast for two roles in LA right off the jump.

With his new show “Penny Dreadful” gaining success we hear Hartnett outline why he chose this role over many others after a short break from Hollywood. Speaking on the big name collaborators and top shakespearean actors in the world, Hartnett is happy to go to work every day for the simple fact that his peers are all brilliant.

After meeting Kid Cudi at a show in New York, Hartnett discusses the process of directing Cudi’s “Pursuit Of Happiness” video which is complete with a Drake cameo.

Hartnett also plays Knowledge Of Self and speaks on some instances of stocking that he has had to deal with including coming home to find a stranger laying in his bed. Hear about this and much more below in the full interview.


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