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Josh Hartnett Wroclaw turns scenes for the movie "Valley of the Gods' [interview]

Josh Hartnett came to the Polish, to play in the new film by Lech Majewski "Valley of the Gods" ("Valley of Gods"). On Friday, he took part in the pictures in the old brewery in Wroclaw. Partnered him among John Malkovich, Berenice Malorhe and John Rhys-Davies.

Josh Hartnett plays the role of writer John ECAS, who is also the narrator of the "Valley of the Gods." It is from his perspective we get to know the world and the whole story. He wrote a biography of the richest man on earth, Wes Tauros (played by John Malkovich). His imagination improves reality, transforming it into a fantasy world. Describing life Tauros, the invitation to the extraordinary mansion - the palace located on the top of the glass. Initial curiosity and desire to explore the rich eccentric, turns into a desire to escape.

Dorothy Oczak-Stach: The character you play, is a writer. How is he?

Josh Hartnett * - wrote in the lives of a few things, mainly scenarios, but nothing that could be compared with the strangeness of this form. He becomes a kind of hero of his own ideas. After the first reading the script, I realized that I play the Lech Majewski. It seems to me that my character is his alter ego. But only just begun photos, so little I can still talk about the development of this form.

How do you prepare for this role? You wanted to be like Ernest Hemingway or Dostoyevsky?

- I do not take the same decision about your character, but I ask the director and rely on his opinion. This film is heavily based on ideas by Lech Majewski, his inner life, which will be transferred to the screen. I want to be guided by him.

Of course, I made some research, I tried to find someone to whom I could be inspired - among both well-known writers, and people around me. But in this film, it seems to me important to remain open to suggestions Lech. I want to be sure that we understand well, a lot of talk all the time. He is very focused on the visual whole movie, we know what he sees and what he wants to see the end result.


- In addition to the main outline of the story, which you already know - and the more I can not tell - by far the most important is the image of its texture. I think in this film we can also create a unique atmosphere that can be felt viewers. I am glad that unless we devote his time even more than the same story. Feelings is the essence of this film. But I guess I can not explain, you just see the movie.

I have the impression that you are fascinated by the director.

- Definitely yes, he is a total artist. I think that being an artist is a state of mind. A Lech has an artistic mind, disposition and outlook on the world. When we met for the first time, we talked about the two films. The first is "Basquiat. Dance of Death", which Lech wrote the screenplay - the film was one of the reasons why I decided to become an actor. We also talked about the "Eight and a half" of Fellini, which is my favorite movie of all time, while Lech wrote a book about him. That surprised me. It turned out that we have very similar tastes. I immediately wanted to work with him when I saw his film "The Mill and the Cross". I adore him.


Have you worked previously in Poland?

- Two years ago I was at the film festival in Krakow, but I had no opportunity to do the film here. I am in Wroclaw suddenly a few days, I walked a little bit around the city, it is very pleasant.

John Malkovich had to go here for a concert.

- He arrived a day before me, I came straight to the shoot. But apparently I have a free weekend, so I hope that I can get to know Wroclaw better.

* Josh Hartnett - American actor and film producer. He studied acting in New York, after moving to Los Angeles he starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in the horror film "Halloween: 20 Years Later." Most famous for his roles in the films "Black Hawk Down" and Ridley Scott's "Pearl Harbor," Michael Bay.

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