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'My love life is great... but I don't want kids yet!': Tamsin Egerton reveals she's happy with boyfriend Josh Hartnett but not ready for a family

The blustering winds of autumn had certainly descended on London Monday night, but Tamsin Egerton is still glowing as she arrives for the UK premiere of Love, Rosie.

But it's no surprise to see her radiating happiness, as she tells MailOnline that she's 'absolutely loving life' with her boyfriend Josh Hartnett, who she just returned from Italy with.

'Yes, my love life is great,' Tamsin enthuses about her nearly two year relationship with the 36-year old actor, though it's perfectly clear she's not ready for family life.

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Loving life: Tamsin Egerton tells MailOnline says she's never been happier with Josh Hartnett but isn't ready for kids yet

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