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Countless artists, writers, musicians, students and others will forever be haunted by a quest for ever-elusive inspiration. However, a little independent flick out of the Twin Cities proves that though inspiration seems nearly impossible to find-the answer might just be closer than you think.

"nobody," co-written and directed by "40 Days and 40 Nights" writer Rob Perez tells the story of one humble sculptor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His name is Lindeman. Call him Lindeman. He's about to finish school, but there's one huge obstacle in his way: a two ton block of granite. Lindeman grapples against his false sense of inner peace after his therapist declares him cured. Suddenly, without any personal problems to inspire his art, Lindeman finds himself at a loss for motivation and moreover, identity. He embarks on an epic quest through the Twin Cities with his fellow art-school students to try and find out who the true Lindeman really is.

The film held a world premiere in Minneapolis in October 2009 to great success. Since its release, "nobody" became a local cult favorite. The film even sold out after only a few days on the shelves at the Minneapolis music and entertainment store the Electric Fetus. "nobody" also has a growing following on Facebook with weekly contests for free DVDs, and boy what a DVD it is.

The DVD boasts a whole slew of features, including pithy and insightful commentary by Rob Perez and Ryan Miller, the film's writers. For fans aching for more "nobody," there is a behind the scenes featurette along with a schmorgasbord of deleted scenes from the film's theatrical cut. The DVD also includes an extensive image gallery filled with film stills and photographs documenting life behind the camera. Finally, as an extra bonus, there are two short films included, including one about how Josh Hartnett (one of the film's executive producers) has a haunted house.

Though "nobody" only graced the metro's screens for a few short months, the DVD release will guarantee its place in film posterity. Many of those involved in making the film have moved on, some becoming rising stars, others solidifying their place as film icons and others yet branching out into new directions in the entertainment industry. One of the film's more notable success stories centers upon Sam Rosen, who plays Lindeman in "nobody." In the upcoming years, Rosen will star in a handful of independent and larger films, including another collaboration with Josh Hartnett.

"nobody" shows audiences that inspiration and brilliance are hiding just around the corner. You just have to look hard enough.


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Comment by tetzy larita on February 8, 2010 at 5:44pm
wow this is fantastic superb!!!josh!!!

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