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AKA, Bow Street merge

New outfit to launch 'Parts Per Billion'

AKA and Bow Street Films are merging into a new production outfit to make films for under $3 million and are launching ensemble drama "Parts Per Billion," starring Frank Langella, Gena Rowlands, Rosario Dawson and Josh Hartnett.

"Parts Per Billion" is scheduled to go before the cameras between Thanksgiving and Christmas with Brian Horiuchi directing from his own screenplay and Molly Hassell ("Edmond"), Jennifer Levine ("Delirious"), Michael Benaroya ("Lawless," "Margin Call") and David Dickson producing. Joe Jenckes ("Margin Call") will be exec producing with Rosario Dawson, Cotty Chub and Arianne Fraser.

Benaroya Pictures, through the AKA/BSF label, is financing. The story follows three couples dealing with the same reality shaking event that threatens to tear them apart.

The AKA/BSF slate will consist of films with budgets between $500,000 and $3 million. It will make genre films (suspense, thriller, horror and contained action) and dramatic features of upcoming directors with strong casts.

World sales rights for "Parts Per Billion" are being handled by Celluloid Nightmares.

The first project financed and produced under the AKA/BSF label was "The Rambler" with Dermot Mulroney and Lindsay Pulsipher. The film has already completed production and was written and directed by Calvin Lee Reeder in a story of a man who, after being released from prison, stumbles upon a strange mystery as he attempts to reconnect with his long lost brother.

The film was also produced by XYZ Films, with their partners Celluloid Nightmares handling world sales rights.

"Benaroya Pictures doesn't often make films for under $3 million," Benaroya said. "AKA/Bow Street Films will focus on this part of the marketplace, becoming specialists at delivering top quality product with great stars for a sensible price. This will allow us, between Benaroya and AKA/Bow Street Films, to really have a home for good material of any budget size."

Bow Street's Joe Jenckes and David Dickson, will work with Benaroya on the new venture. Jenckes continues his role as Head of Production for Benaroya Pictures.





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