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We are pleased to welcome our new members. We had over 100,000 page views this past 30 days and it is clear to me that Josh Hartnett is just as popular and loved as he ever was.


1. Post a picture folks, don't lean on our stock photo of Josh as your profile picture. It is important to put up a photo!

2. Please donate! We are spending a lot of money on advertising this site on Facebook and we need to get that money back. I realize everyone is hard up for cash but we only received $1 last week and that's not going to keep us alive here. We need funds to pay for hosting and advertising to keep our site moving. The Adsense ads don't bring in that much, yesterday they earned us 75 cents. Yes, you read that right lol.


We appreciate all of you and welcome all the new members 22 in the past two weeks!



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