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Miles Roston - Making a World of Difference

Music producer, documentary filmmaker and author, some people can just do it all and American Miles Roston is one of them. Currently residing in the Netherlands, Miles has travelled to many regions in the world, looking at issues such as HIV/AIDS, the impact of the religious Right in America and interreligious co-operation in Sierra Leone. With a long-term commitment to AIDs orphans, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mile’s films include, 14 Million Dream and Make it Real to Me.

Miles’ first book, Kevin’s Questions follows the experiences of a Kenyan AIDs orphan, Kevin Sumba, whom Miles met in Kisumu whilst making a documentary. In his second book Making a World of Difference, Miles has travelled around the world, speaking to people involved in community and grassroots organisations to find out how and why these people have chosen to help others. From a teacher, Suri, in Thailand, who organises home visits for poor students, to a couple, Wil and Flor, in Amsterdam, who run a children’s farm in one of the poorest suburbs, Miles’ book shows how people the world over have discovered the benefits of giving...

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