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It appears as if at least one of the obstacles to getting a sequel to Sin City up and running has been cleared. Academy Award-nominated actor Mickey Rourke, whose role in the movie as Marv, the misshapen hard case with a heart of gold, was one of the highlights of the innovative comic book adaptation by director Robert Rodriguez, said that, despite previous statements to the contrary, he would be willing to reprise the role in Sin City 2.

Rourke's involvement in the sequel was first in doubt when he said during a press junket for his comeback movie, The Wrestler, that he was "not interested" in Sin City 2 and that the movie was not even "a reality right now."

"It's pissing in the wind. There's different factions going different directions there. I don't know. That's three hours of makeup and I'm claustrophobic, so I'm going to have to work something out."

In a more recent interview with MovieHole, Rourke reiterated his disdain for the hours of makeup involved with portraying Marv and then added that he would only consider reprising the role "as long as Robert Rodriguez's wife isn't involved in it," presumably referring to Rodriguez's ex-wife, Elizabeth Avellan, who was a producer on Sin City.

Now, Rourke has finally come around to telling MTV that he would return as Marv "if it happens," if the creative team could "get their sh*t together." In reference to his statements to MovieHole, Rourke explained that Rodriguez's wife "was a pain in the ass," but he quickly shut down any further discussion about the subject...
Sin City is based on the graphic novel series by Frank Miller, who also created the graphic novel that inspired the movie 300. The series blends elements of hardboiled detective novels and film noir with beautiful, stylized artwork often depicting acts of extreme violence. The movie was highly successful and is often considered to be one of the most faithful comic book adaptations ever produced.

[Source: REELZ Channel]

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