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Till yesterday, the very name of Bipasha Basu not just spelt style, class, and elan, but also an actress par excellence. Well, the equation is now all set to change with Bipasha being signed up for an international project! Yes... you heard it right! The sultry Bipasha Basu, after having conquered Bollywood, is now all set to conquer Hollywood with her gracious presence in the film titled SINGULARITY, directed by renowned director Roland Joffe. The film will be an epic romance of an impossible love set across two time periods and continents. Reports have it that major portion of the film will be shot in India since the story revolves around Marathas in 1780s' India.Satish Sundaresan of Bollywood Hungama caught up with the sensuous Bipasha Basu for an exclusive interview regarding her film. Over to you, Bips...

To start with, what was immediate feeling that came to your mind when you got to know that you have bagged an international film?
It was very exciting as well as very unnerving, as I am getting to work with lot of fantastic actors from all around the world, which includes America, Australia and also India…all of which under the guidance of a really good and credible director. I do have the butterflies and also lots of positive excitement. I feel like a student going to the school for the first day. Frankly speaking, I really don't know what's going to happen at the next moment. I am that excited! I want to learn and do things right.

How did you bag this film?
There was no process in me 'bagging' this film. It was just offered to me when I went to London for a personal meeting with someone. It was at that time, that Roland Joffe was casting in India and the person who was helping him out happened to know me, asked me if I would like to say a 'Hi' to Roland. I said, 'Ok. Why not!' I then spoke to Roland for five minutes and wished him all the luck. Post our call, I got to know that,he was very impressed with the way I spoke and my looks. After that he saw my films to know more about me. And the second time around, he met me and gave me a narration. And the third time, he came back with the offer for the film.

What made you sign the film? Was it Roland Joffe, the Master filmmaker, or was it your character in the film?
It was definitely Roland Joffe, followed by the film in totality, like my character and also the actors involved in the film like Josh Hartnett and others. For me, it was kind of a challenging thing to do.

Can you tell us about Tulaja Naik, the character that you play in the film?
Well, I can tell you briefly. I play a Maratha warrior as the film is set in the backdrop of the Anglo-Maratha war. It's about the romance between Tulaja and James Stewart, which is played by Josh Hartnett, who plays a British soldier. There are two time zones that are present in the film. Also, there is a little bit of metaphysics involved. Overall, it's a very dynamic and an interesting love story.

Besides you, there's also Abhay Deol in this film…
Yes. Abhay plays my childhood friend, who likes me a lot, in this film. He has a very interesting role.

Considering the fact that you play the role of Tulaja, an Indian She-warrior, what's the kind of preparation that you are planning to do for the film?
I am not getting much of preparation time right now, as the entire team is there. I have been given just eight days to prepare for underwater scenes and horse riding. It's been very hard and taxing. Nevertheless, it's a very a challenging role which I want to do well. Also, the film's director Rolland has a lot of faith in me.

What do you have to say about Rolland Joffe's as a director?
He has got fantastic range of films, from war films to romantic love stories. He tells the stories well and his actors perform every time! He has worked with the best talent like Patrick Swayze, Uma Thurman, Demi Moore, Gary Oldman, Gerard Depardieu, amongst others. I am really very excited to work with him.

Bipasha, Singularity will be your first period film, so to say, which also means there will be lots of importance that will be given to the costumes. Who is designing your costumes?
We have a very good stylist on board, who has done films like Braveheart. I am not bothered or tensed because I know that they have done their research well. And if you ask me about my looks in the film, all that I can say is that it's too soon to talk about it. Let me first go there. All that I can say is that, it's going to be very, very authentic about how the Marathas used to dress in 1775 and 18th century.

When will the shoot of the film begin?
It's going to commence on the 21st November, but I am leaving India in the next two days for the preparations.

source: Bollywood Hungama

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