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IFP Film Week is in full swing mode with a handful of indie films that are currently in the post production phase are releasing their first trailers. One title that has been featured on our site is the romance film directed by Brady Kiernan (2010's American New Wave 25). I'm sensing a possible double fest showing of Sundance and SXSW for Stuck Between Stations - the feature stars Sundance alumni Zoe Lister-Jones and Josh Harnett with Sam Rosen in the film's lead.

Sight unseen, I'm calling this one as a "Before Sunrise" in an unlikely U.S backdrop. This sees Casper, a soldier who experienced the horrors of war, fell in love with Rebecca, a once-promising grad student who just killed her career. Although they have known each other since elementary school, the two soon reconnect. They spend a night in the underbelly of Minneapolis talk through their hopes and dreams, and maybe becoming closer to one another.

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