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SXSW 2015 Interview: WILD HORSES, Robert Duvall Talks His Hatred For BONNIE AND CLYDE And THE SEARCHERS, With Co-Star Josh Hartnett

Robert Duvall wants you to know that he hates Bonnie and Clyde and The Searchers. But hang tight, we'll get to that.

He was in town for the world premiere of Wild Horses, a movie he wrote, directed, and stars in. Josh Hartnett and James Franco have co-starring roles and the answer to the question you're currently thinking is, yes, Franco is just as weird in it as you would expect. But he'll always get a pass from me -- I like his style and chutzpah.
I sat down with Duvall and Hartnett to talk about the film and we eventually dove off-topic into other fun things about cinema, like our favorite films of last year. I didn't see Duvall as an indie-loving movie watcher, but he has impressively seen a lot. In the interview, we discuss one of my favorite films of last year, which also happened to be Duvall's, Wild Tales. This made me so damn happy I asked him for a fist bump and got it. Robert Duvall gave me a fist bump. Going to repeat that: Robert Duvall gave me a fist-bump. Life doesn't get much better than that. 

Anywho, this was an ace interview to do -- Duvall was very energetic and it was clear he was happy to be there and having a good time. Hartnett was swell as well. Enjoy.

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