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You should not be Jealous to Him, my friend....

you should not be jealous my friend,,I'm sure Josh Hartnett,,love us too,,the way we loved him,,according to Newton,,his third law of motion,,in every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,,,see that theory has been proven for so many decades,,,,

And I think, we have different lives, different stability, different commitments,, and we are entitled of what we will be choosing,the most important thing if we love Josh Hartnett, we have to support him in anything he does, we should be happy about his achievements and we have to respect him.
Yes, we are part of his Life and I know Josh Hartnett knew that but his Life, His Personal choices depends still with josh choices...He is successful because he works for it and he deserves everything that has been happening to him.
Lastly, He is not our thing..okey..
so don't be jealous,,just be happy for him,,but never to forget to express your love to him,,,
nice meeting you friend,,,
from tetzy

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