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Josh Hartnett Fronts a Family of Drug Dealers in 'Inherit the Viper' Trailer

Josh Hartnett is looking to leave the family business -- dealing opioids -- in Inherit the Viper, and ET can exclusively debut the trailer.

In the thriller, Hartnett plays Kip, who's cornered the drug trade in his small town alongside his sister, Josie (Margarita Levieva), and their younger brother, Boots (Mrs. Fletcher's Owen Teague). But with the police breathing down their necks and competition moving in, Kip is feeling the heat.

"Promise me something: Protecting this family comes first," he tells Josie in the trailer. "When it's time to quit, we quit. No questions asked."

When a deal goes south and the results are deadly, Kip wants out. But it won't be that easy. "This stuff is here either way," Josie says of the drugs they've yet to deal. "The only thing that makes a difference is who makes the money." The movie releases in 2020, January

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