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Penny Dreadful "Devil in the Details"

"Devil in the Details" was the second launch spot to promote the new series Penny Dreadful. Similar to the first spot "Just Like You" the piece is character driven, but in this case we are focusing on the dark horror aspect of the show. Unlike the first spot–which was produced by The Mill–"Devil" had a non-existent budget and was nearly left for dead as we didn't have the resources for a shoot or even animation time. I resuscitated the project by using green screen Showtime branding footage and made the piece the first animation that I have done from top to bottom by myself, including compositing, color correction, sound, editing, and directing. Everything was done in After Effects with the exception of the "masks" which were created in Photoshop. With each vignette, you catch a brief glimpse into the inner nature of each character…the mark of death on Sir Malcolm the ruthless explorer, electricity bringing to life the creations of Victor Frankenstein, the inner bloody nature of the exiled gunslinger Ethan, the rotting canvas of the portrait of Dorian Gray, and the fires of hell of the devil-possessed witch Vanessa. Placement music by Ulver (was not used in the final).

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