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How would it be with Josh Hartnett

Just when a person is wondering what it would be with Josh Hartnett, the handsome actor delves into our ever-crowded mailbox. Remarkably, he did so in the company of a cute animal farm.

So you can well imagine that it goes well with Josh Hartnett. A few years after the actor's erratic traded Hollywood for a quieter life in Minessota, he is back with pleasure on the set and Josh amongst other things, on the part of Eva Green in the fantasy series 'Penny Dreadful'. Currently completing the 37-year-old actor shooting for 'The Long Home', a film by and with James Franco off. The result can be seen in 2017 in the movie theaters.

The career of the 'Pearl Harbor' star running smoothly and also personally Josh has nothing to complain about. Hartnett has now been three years with British actress Tamsin Egerton, last month it was announced that the photogenic couple expecting a first baby.

Baby Hartnett can count on a nice contribution of paternal genes because it must be said, in the looks department Joshie scores high points. A windfall that the American also produces jobs for which they have to learn chunks of text on the outside. So Hartnett seen this season in the autumn campaign of Marco Polo, where he poses for the lens of photographer Bruce Weber friends in the worlds most comfortable looking cable sweater. And because it's always better to Josh got some snaps accompanied by a cute kid and a fluffy Persian cat. Visual material with the power to crush every afternoon dip to dust. You're welcome!


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