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Josh Harnett as Loki in Thor?

According to the site, Branagah has met with Harnett for the role and the actor is now on his short list.

I so hope he does it! Josh would make a wonderful Loki...........I can so see my JHart as a bad boy! yummy!!

Please do it Josh!!! You can do the height: 6 ft. 4 in.the Green eyes and the Black-grey hair, so you might have to bulk up a bit !! OK A LOT!! Loki is a BIG Giant!!!! but you can do it!

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Comment by Annie on May 17, 2009 at 12:29pm
Chris Hemsworth Is MARVEL’s ‘Thor’

Source: thecinemapost.com

News broke on Saturday that Marvel has finally made a decision about who to cast as iconic comic book hero ‘Thor’, and his name is Chris Hemsnworth. Chris Hemsworth recently portrayed “George Kirk” (Kirk’s Father) in director J.J. Abrams recent “Star Trek” film, and was cast last week in United Artists movie “Red Dawn”. He will also star in Joss Whedon horror flick “Cabin In the Woods”.

So now who will be LOKI??? - Please let it be Josh Hartnett!

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