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McKidd (who was interviewed before the film was screened) said his
personal goal is to put together a career that keeps him energized by
its surprises. That's clear with his next big-screen project: Guy
Moshe's "Bunraku," a film that melds live-action and animation for a
surreal noir tale.

"It's a very, very strange film," McKidd said. "It's a hybrid of a
western and a martial arts film. The world it's set in is almost
circus-like in the feel of it and it's all origami. The whole universe
is constantly folding paper to create a cityscape or interiors of rooms
or the sunrise. . . . I play a very effeminate, master killer who's
almost like a Fred Astaire tap-dancing his way through the movie. It's
so different than anything I've done."

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