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Lech Majewski and Stars "Valley of the Gods' work in CETA

Lech Majewski, the director of "Valley of the Gods" and its stars: Josh Hartnett, John Malkovich, Bérénice Marlohe and Keir Dullea work today at the Center for Audiovisual Technologies.

For the purposes of Polish-luksembursko-American production CETA released two film studios in the technology of blue screen and green screen, they created a virtual stage design. - Designers of Wrocław will perform post-production, and now, on 350 square meters of green background, images are formed. I am glad that we are not only studio to rent, but a place where organized the production of the film - says Robert Banasiak, director of CETA. This afternoon the team worked in the studio all the stars appeared. - I like it here - smiled Josh Hartnett , who together with Lech Majewski part of the way from the hotel to the CETA crossed on foot. - The weather is changing. Every day it gets more beautiful. We had a nice walk, but now I have to run to work - he added, and said that the game John ECAS. - A character written by Lech and in a sense the alter ego of the director. I convey his perspective. Ecas is a writer transmitting a story in which it is involved - he told. Film Ecas is a narrator, describing the life of Wes Tauros (played by John Malkovich), the richest man in the world, who after the death of his wife and daughter trying to find oblivion.

Just prior to reporters talked Lech Majewski . - It's about the richest man in the world. To CETA we came from Josh foot, because he wanted to look at the river - he added. The film is in Poland (Lower and Upper Silesia), USA and Italy. - "The Mill and the Cross" also hang around in Silesia, I am a local patriot, I try to pull the Polish Hollywood productions. My family sites are unexplored film and worth seeing - said the director. He also said that working in the CETA (former Film Studio), it comes in the footsteps of Wojciech Jerzy Has. - He was my professor at the film school, I'm glad that I can work in a place where he also worked - he added.
Filmmakers on Monday move to Lubiąż, then to Upper Silesia and the United States, where the rise photographs in the Rocky Mountains. To Wroclaw director will return to work on post-production. The film is expected to cost 16.5 million, it is scheduled for release later this year.


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