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PREMIERE: @DiceyHollow's beautiful video for "Silver and Sand," directed by Josh Hartnett



In a world that's full of clamor and commotion, Dicey Hollow's video for "Silver and Sand" is five minutes to allow yourself a moment's pause. Made up of buddies Petter Ericson Stakee (of Alberta Cross) and Jamie Biden, the musical partnership was born when their friend needed a score to accompany another friend's film. Although this movie never came to fruition, their creative companionship solidified, resulting in their lately released six-song EP. "Silver and Sand" is a spectral, folkish composition, with singer Stakee's vocals spiraling up like a smoke signal over a winning bassline. It's an apt soundtrack for the glimmering slo-mo visuals courtesy of Josh Hartnett (yes, the actor) and director/producer Brody Baker. We're not one to gush about aesthetics, but the lighting in this video is really rather superb.

Hartnett had this to say about the project: "Brody and I responded immediately and independently to 'Silver and Sand' when Petter and Jamie first played us the album. It's an incredibly powerful song with genuine emotional depth and beauty. We just hoped to put some visuals together that could match it in mood and tone." 

We'd say mission accomplished and apparently Dicey Hollow agree. "It's a particularly important song to me and Petter," explains Biden. "We were really lucky to have our good friends Brody and Josh direct this video. We filmed it where we wrote most of the record in upstate New York and they captured the feeling and emotion behind the song beautifully.”  

Dicey Hollow's self-titled EP is out now via Dine Alone Records. 


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