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Josh Hartnett is struggling to master the Scottish accent.

The actor is playing a Scot in epic movie SINGULARITY but is having trouble with the Tartan tongue.

“Well I’m working on it but it’s really tough,” says Josh. “I’m working on it but it’s got to be technically right. I’m learning from Kevin McKidd.

“I think he wants to take me to a lot of Scottish bars in the States, so hopefully that will help!”

Josh recently revealed he has quit acting a “couple times”.

“I quit (acting) a couple times,” he said. “I didn’t think it was for me.

“Shooting Black Hawk Down in 2001 in Africa was an-opening up experience for me on a humanistic level. We were in Africa and there was some pretty interesting things. I was pretty young and passionate. I wanted to get involved in charity work and help.

“For about 18 months I was just working in charities. Then I came back to work with Harrison Ford. I got that opportunity and I was like hey, why not?”

source: ShowbizSpy

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