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UPDATE! Anh Hung Tran’s “I Come with the Rain".........

Source: www.nipponcinema.com

Japanese distributor Gaga Communications is gearing up for the world premiere of Anh Hung Tran's I Come with the Rain in Tokyo on May 27th and they have finally released a teaser trailer on the film's official website. You may recall this one making a very brief splash on the web last year when TFI International's downright amazing 5-minute promo reel was leaked via the Korean site Daum TV. At the time, the film was rumored to be competing at Cannes. Well, the Cannes thing never happened and the initial buzz sort of died down until Gaga picked up the Japanese distribution rights. Now they get the premiere and we get to jealously gawk at their promotional materials.


"Kline (Josh Hartnett), an ex-cop in Los Angeles traumatized by slaying a serial killer, is hired by a powerful corporate boss to go to the Philippines and find Shitao (Takuya Kimura), his missing son. Kline's leads take him to Hong Kong. Torn between good and evil, caught in the crossfire between a mafia drug ring and the police, he tracks down Shitao, who has become a mysterious vagrant. Shot on state-of-the-art HD and featuring music by Radiohead, this modern thriller explores the fine line between carnal passion and violence and plunges us into an exotic urban world of gritty realism and sensual beauty."

In Japan the film is being hyped as a showcase for three of the world's "most beautiful men" - Hartnett from the US, Kimura (of the J-pop group SMAP), and Byung-hun Lee from Korea. According to MovieWalker, Anh Hung Tran and all three stars will walk the red carpet at Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills for the premiere which will attract foreign press from all over the world. Hosting a Hollywood-esque event like this is obviously a point of pride for the local media covering it.

Following the premiere, "I Come with the Rain" will be released publicly on June 6th.

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Comment by tetzy larita on May 12, 2009 at 10:19pm
I'll be waiting for the release...SUPERB!

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